Workshops | Speaking

Signature Workshops and Speaking Engagements:

Cultural Competencies and Language  ~ A workshop tailored especially for professionals working with culturally-linguistically diverse communities. This is a workshop where participants are asked to not only listen, but stand-up, move around, and engage in conversations and activities with their peers in order to gain a deeper understanding of identity, culture, language, and communication.

But what about language?! Linking oral language, cultural identity, and literacy ~ Gain a better understanding of how the way we speak impacts how we view ourselves and influences learning to read and write. This workshop is geared towards African American English but can be customized if requested.

Expanding Your Cultural Competence: Working with African American English-Speaking Children and Their Families ~ Learn strategies to use tomorrow on how best to work in a clinical and/or classroom setting with children who speak African American English.

Understanding the Nature of Speech & Language Differences versus Speech & Language Disorders ~ Learn how to determine which features of speech, language, and communication are actually indicative of communication challenges and which features are indicative of cultural-linguistic differences.

Communication in the Classroom ~ Learn strategies to use tomorrow on how best to work in a classroom setting with students who have speech and language challenges, including how to have more effective communication interactions.

Cultural-Linguistic Diversity in the 21st Century ~ A basic exploration of the cultural and linguistic differences evident in today’s society with a particular focus on dialects of American English.

All topics are customizable to your group and theme.

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